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Please read the label carefully before purchasing/consuming any AMS product or any other supplement.

Also, if you are under the care of a physician or have a chronic medical condition, please consult a licensed health care provider prior to the purchase/consumption of AM300.

If you have any complaints concerning side effects of any AMS product, please consult your physician or licensed health care provider. Also, if you have any medical questions, please refer them to your health care provider as well.

How Much Do I Take?
There is no definitive calculation of intake which suits every individual since each person has their own metabolic needs. As a general rule, however, 1 tablet can be
taken for every 100lbs. of body weight per day. This total amount should be divided into doses taken before 3:00 pm to maintain normal sleep cycles.
A 150 lb. person, for example, would usually require 1-2 tablets per day. One can be taken before breakfast and 1 or 2 be taken 1 hour after lunch.

It is recommended that individuals beginning the program
take half of their calculated daily intake the first two days in order to allow themselves to adjust to AM-300's
thermogenic effects.

How Do You Know You Are Taking Enough?
After the first week on the program, you should feel a comfortable increase in energy and stamina. If you do not feel this enhancement in energy, you need to increase your daily intake. Add 1 additional tablet per day until you reach this comfortable level. This dose should become your daily intake. If you experience a higher level of energy than you are comfortable with, reduce the dose accordingly each day until a plausible level is obtained.

Should I Take It With Or Without Food?
It is advantageous to take AM-300 between meals or one half hour before. This will enhance absorption and maximize the metabolic rate obtainable to burn fat. Some people are not able to ingest any type of supplement or tablet on an empty stomach without stomach upset. If this occurs, it can be taken with a light meal or 1 hour after a normal meal. It is recommended that it be taken with a large meal since you may not gain the maximum effect.

How Do I Know AM-300 Is Working?
Most people will notice a moderate weight loss in the first 2 or 3 weeks. However, as the AM-300 begins storing protein as muscle, the weight loss may seem to level off.
Because muscle is much heavier than fat, there will be an offset in weight as fat is exchanged for muscle. You should not measure your success in pounds, but in inches. You can lose several dress sizes or belt notches while only showing a loss of a few pounds on the scale. Monitor your progress primarily by taking your measurements before you begin the program and approximately every 3-4 weeks following. Weight loss will follow in increments, but do not let the scale discourage your progress as your body redefines itself.

The longer you are on the program, the greater the increase of your muscle to fat ratio. As lean muscle increases, your body becomes a more efficient fat furnace. As a result of this metabolic change, you will begin to notice greater incremental loss of pounds. As your body becomes more proficient in eliminating unwanted fat you will also notice an ascending ease in maintaining your desired weight.

How Long Can I Stay On The AM-300 Weight Management Program?
AM-300 can be used indefinitely. However, if you take it for a prolonged period of time, your body will adapt to its energizing effects and it will take an increased dosage to maintain the same level of efficacy. In order to avoid this problem, it is recommended that the individual use AM-300 in cycles. Below are three acceptable methods for cycling your long term weight management program.

Method I: 5 days on and 1 day off
Method II: 6 days on and 2 days off
Method III: 3 weeks on and 1 week off

Depending on how long you are planning to take AM-300, you can chose one of the above methods and this will allow you to keep control of your weight program.

Do I Need To Diet Or Exercise For It To Work?
The singular characteristic of the AM-300 Weight Management Program is that it will work without changing your diet or exercise habits. HOWEVER, it is still in your best interest and good health to make smart dieting and exercise a way of life. The more angles you use to approach a weight problem, the quicker and healthier the results.

Our goal is to propose a weight management program which is safe, practical, and easy to make a part of your daily living.

Below are some tips which, integrated together, provide excellent guidelines for weight control and good health.

Diet: Minimize foods high in fats such as: butter, gravies, fried foods, fatty red meats, whole milk, nuts, pastries, egg yokes ( increased fat induces fat storage ). Minimize foods in high sugar content such as: candies, pastries, sugared beverages, excessive fruits ( fructose induces lipogenesis - fat storage ). Increase consumption of foods high in protein ( low in fat) as most fish, egg whites, lean meats, beans, rice, low fat yogurt, skim milk, low fat cottage cheese ( protein induces muscle generation ). Consume moderate amounts of carbohydrates such as: fresh vegetables, fruits, beans, grains, cereals, pastas, rice.

Increase water consumption to at least 8 glasses per day. Minimize alcohol consumption: alcohol is high in calories and inhibits the metabolism of fats.

Can AM-300 Be Taken In The Presence Of
High Blood Pressure?
AM-300 is a very safe, effective means of weight management. Thermogenic agents have a tendency to elevate blood pressure for the first few days of use. After that period, the body accommodates to their cardiovascular effects as norepinephrine stores decrease. This is why it is recommended that individuals beginning the AM-300 weight management program take one half of the dose for the first few days to allow for a smoother accommodation.

The biochemist who formulated AM-300 have taken precautions to eliminate this by the addition of Fo-Ti and Reishi Mushroom which have a mild hypotensive effect, along with Bladder wrack, Gotu Kola, and Guarana which act as diuretics. These herbs assist the body in naturally maintaining a normal blood pressure. Although it is generally very safe, people with severe or labile hypertension should consult their physician before using AM-300.

Is AM-300 Safe For Diabetics?
AM-300 can very safley be used by diabetics with very positive results in TYPE II diabetics. The Chromium Picolinate will help to stabilize or lower blood glucose levels. It is recommended that diabetics monitor their glucose levels on a daily basis for the first week on AM-300 since diabetics medications may need to be decreased or discontinued under the supervision of their physician.

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