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To order AM300 or any other AMS products, please call 1.888.AMS.ORDER (267.6733). Tell the Customer Service Representative you want to sign up as a RETAIL CUSTOMER. Give them Distributor Code 46139489. (VERY important!) They will then take your order using your credit card or check debit card or electronic check. You will be given a customer number. After that, for reorders, you just call & give them your customer number! You will be guaranteed to receive the same great service no matter where you are! Your order will be shipped out within 24 hours by Priority Mail.

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Then, go to & enter in your credit card info. The email address you need to use to send your payment to thru PayPal is Your order will be shipped by Priority Mail as soon as your payment is available in our PayPal account! BE SURE TO INCLUDE $3.50 IN YOUR TOTAL FOR SHIPPING if your order is UNDER $50.00!!

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