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Make It Your Business To Get Healthy with AMS!

Advantage Marketing Systems, Inc. was founded on the American Dream. This publicly owned multilevel marketing company was built on the principal that individuals should have the opportunity to build a business in the true entrepreneurial spirit. A marketer of top quality herbal based nutritional supplements and skin care products. AMS markets its products directly to consumers through independent distributors. AMS is committed to providing the best quality products available.

AMS is known throughtout the United States as a leading distributor of the highest quality herbal-based nutritional supplements and skin care products available on the market today.

AMS has established strict quality control measures which surpass standard industry practices. All AMS nutritional products are made with the finest grade of herbs and natural ingrediants available, making the most of what nature has to offer. And, while AMS products come from what nature provides, not what has been created in the laboratory--NO artificial ingredients are used in the process. By offering breakthrough products for weight loss and nutrition, AMS promotes a lifestyle of health and well-being through safe and time proven methods.

The same is true of the AMS/Chambre skin care line. AMS products are focused on the total person, caring for your inner and outer beauty. Consistent with AMS quality standards, the AMS/Chambre skin care and cosmetic line has been developed by industry experts and utilizes the latest technology available. Also utilizing what nature provides, these products are based on the body's needs, and work to preserve and enhance what nature has provided.

In AMS, you've found a network marketing company that's been going strong for over a decade. There's no question that AMS is financially solid and positioned for tremendous growth. It's a company that you can feel good about working for now and in the future.

And best of all, every AMS product is backed by a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. This guarantee is reflective of the belief system on which AMS was founded.