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Start your own home based business
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Want to be your own boss?

Working at home can be very rewarding for both spouses. You can start your own home based business part time with Advantage Marketing Systems, Inc. and still keep the security of your regular job or taking care of the kids. Don't wait for Corporate down-sizing, or winning the lottery.

Working at home is becoming a need. Every eleven seconds someone starts a new home based business ! That's over 8,000 people per day joining the 27.1 million at home self employed. The average home based business earns $50,250 per year! New in home business owners are finding out that Uncle Sam may provide many tax advantages. Now with the Internet at our fingertips, it is easier than ever to reach millions with products or services that sell themselves.The potential is enormous, but easy when you consider it is a great product that is being sold. It is a great way to save money on the products you use, plus make extra money on the side. There is very little money out of pocket, to get started in this great program. We paid back the distributorship sign up fee in the first month. Sign Up now to receive the benefits and satisfaction of owning your own business.

A Common Sense Approach to Business

If you have dreamed of being your own boss... if you have ever thought of going into business for yourself... it is time to start turning your dreams into reality.

Statistics show that the number of small businesses is on the rise, and many of those new businesses are based in the home. Building your own business from your home is a long-standing American tradition. Network marketing has helped to restore that tradition for thousands.

Why is network marketing such a success? Simply put, network marketing enables people to purchase products they trust from people they know personally. Marketing pros know that in today's fast-paced economy, customers prefer to purchase goods from individuals with whom they have a relationship. While huge discount stores spend millions of dollars for advertising that attempts to portray themselves as "just folks", thousands of home-based business people are quietly supplying their products to their neighbors, relatives, coworkers, friends at church and their children's teachers and coaches.

Prices for the products are competitive with the prices charged by most retail outlets. Since home-based businesses are not burdened by the high overhead necessary to maintain a chain of stores in suburban shopping malls, a greater portion of the profit on the product goes to the people involved in its marketing and distribution.

As the owner of a home-based marketing business, you have the freedom to set your own goals and build your business at a pace that suits your life-style. You can work at your business part time and create a second income while you keep the security of your regular job or enjoy retirement. Yet AMS offers a Secured Infinity Compensation PlanTM with the potential for a six-figure income for ambitious individuals willing to work full-time to build a business.

The AMS Secured Infinity Compensation PlanThe AMS Secured Infinity Compensation PlanTM is unique. Using our extensive database and statistical analysis, we have tested our Plan. Our system of secured group bonuses ensures that once you have built your business, it will not be taken away from you. Your success will never be diminished by the success of others you bring into the business.


Becoming a part of our dynamic AMS team couldn't be easier. As a Member of AMS, you are entitled to receive any of our fine products at wholesale prices and to sell them at retail prices that net a return of 50 percent or more to you. You will also collect a bonus on the orders placed by individuals you enroll in the program.

Simply complete the application and send payment for your first order of products (plus a onetime charge of $5 for your membership fee). On your application you will tell us the amount of your standing order for products (monthly auto-ship) and your preferred form of payment.

Choose to join as an AMS MEMBER and you are intitled to purchase AMS Products at Wholesale Price.
AMS will Automatically Ship You One or More Bottles On A Monthly Basis


1 Bottle of AM-300 - $22.00
State Tax on Retail Value of Product (KY-6%X$36.00) - $2.16
Handling charge -$2.00
One Time Membership Fee - $5.00
Total: - $31.16

FOR EXAMPLE PURPOSES ONLY! Your actual cost will vary according to local state & shipping costs!


The fastest way to multiply your efforts and build your business is recruiting others to join the AMS team. As an AMS Distributor, you collect bonuses on the orders placed by Members and Distributors you bring into the business (the first level of your downline) plus the people they recruit (the second level of your downline).

To become a Distributor, purchase a Distributor Kit and it is recommended you place an initial order of at least $50 WV or more to qualify for 1st and 2nd level bonuses. You may choose to enroll as all AMS Distributor with your initial application or upgrade your status by meeting the requirements of Director.

Ask me about these exciting opportunities!

Become A Distributor

You Must Purchase a Distributor Kit
Price $45

The Distributor Kit Contains:

A Day Planner: Complete with Daily Calendar, Address Section, an overview of our Company, Details on Top selling Products, Compensation Details, Business Support Tools, Policies and Procedures and Flip Chart Presentation.

A 120 count Tub of AM-300 Samples (30 packets with 4 AM-300's per packet) to distribute to potential customers.

2 Audio Tapes -One Tape features "AMS-Make It Your Business" on one side, and "Motivation-The Key To Success", on the other side.
The second tape features a Board Certified Physician and a nationally known nutrition expert speaking on AM-300. Side two includes five real-life testimonials from our distributors.

The Book Herbal Concepts, an inside look into each of our products and their potential benefits. This book ROCKS!

Applications and Order Forms


Retail and Distributor Price Lists

Everything You Need To Build Your Business!

(The only requirement to receive your distributor bonuses is, you must maintain a minimum of $30 a month of products via autoship.)

Purchase Your Distributor Kit TODAY!